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Imagine Tomorrow

The National HFMA theme for FY 2019 is “Imagine Tomorrow”, Imagine plus Innovation equals realization. Kevin Brennan is our new National Chair and will be installed in that role at the Annual Conference next week. Kevin is the CFO at Geisinger Health in Pennsylvania.

The national theme has a strong focus on our members and CFO involvement in our chapters and at a national level. We are focused on target markets for membership especially early careerists, health plans and physician groups to strengthen our voluntary chapter boards and committees. Kevin recognizes sponsors and members are expecting us to enhance the value of HFMA and the education we provide. He also understands National can and will reduce the burden of work on the volunteers which is welcome news.

I am excited and honored to be your Arizona Chapter President for Fiscal Year 2019. I have been involved with the chapter since the late 1980’s and a member since 1991. I have had the chance to volunteer in committees and on the board in some roles several times and finally, president. I am blessed to have an amazing board to continue our Quest for the Shelton, an award that recognizes continued improvement in chapter performance as evaluated by HFMA National. We have had the privilege of having wonderful past presidents on our Quest, and have heard from Carol Friesen, National Past Chair, that the Arizona Chapter is one of the highest performing chapters in the county. That is no easy feat given the competition by our fellow chapter leaders across the county.

Since we did not have a Spring Conference this year we were not able to introduce and install the new Arizona Chapter leaders. I thank each of these leaders who are highly recognized in their own fields to volunteer with me.


Leslie Flake – President Elect
Paul Vachek – Treasurer
Bart Shea – Secretary
Samantha Brodt – Program Chair

Board Members;
Jenny Whelan-Lewis – Program Co-Chair
Joan Goda – Communications Chair
Julie Kuhns – Communications Co-Chair
Chelsea Austin – Membership Chair
Jason Metcalf – Sponsor Chair
Liz Ricafort – Sponsor Co-Chair
Alan Newberg – Director
Chuck Ribbe – Past President
Jim Haynes – AHA ex efficio

The Annual Conference in name replaces the Annual National Institute name this year. I had an opportunity to join a few of our past presidents at the conference. The conference really focused on the change the healthcare market is going through and how fast it is transforming with disruptive innovation. As always, caught up with friends and colleagues from across the country at Networking events and dinner events. One dinner event was the Volunteer Member Gala, or the chapter awards night, where we learned the Iowa Chapter won the Robert M. Shelton award, an award for achieving a 5-year sustained improvement in chapter performance. As you know, Arizona has been on the Quest for the Shelton for 6 years and we just missed out again this year. However, I am proud to say we were awarded 7 Helen M. Yerger awards, 4 chapter and 3 Multi-Chapter awards. I am confident the work, goals and our focused accountability will keep us on the path for being awarded the Shelton.

The board has identified 3 goals to execute on during this year:

  • First, to greatly enhance and add value for our members to provide Networking opportunities.

  • Second, focus on our target markets by adding value that encourages them to want to be part of this fun and amazing chapter. Again, the markets are Health Plans, Physician Groups, Early Careerists and our Native American facilities in Arizona.

  • Third, implement our new website with Star Chapter which will replace Arcnet and implement the National CVENT system to manage our chapter and program management.

We will be innovative and strategic in this work to meet the needs of our target markets and of our current membership, which we appreciate so much. I share these with you so you know what we are working on to improve the chapter and the value of your membership but also for all of you to hold us accountable as your chapter leaders!

In closing, the HFMA family has been part of my whole healthcare career to enhance networking and to develop relationships with so many colleagues across Arizona and the country. It has helped me grow as a person and as a leader so in turn it is time for me to give back and serve a three-year commitment of President Elect, last year, President, this year and Past President, next year. I know with this outstanding board we will have fun with all of you while showing you the value of HFMA.